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Welcome to Trailer Training UK Ltd

HGV / LGV Driver Training in Hampshire and Berkshire

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Established 2005

Trailer Training UK Ltd is a family run commercial driving school, established in 2005. We deliver all categories of HGV / LGV  driver training and several other courses, “such as Training Handling, Caravan Courses, PCV D1 Minibus Driver Training, and Initial and Periodic CPC” at our centres in Hampshire and Berkshire. 

We pride ourselves in our customer service, quality of training and high 1st time pass rates. 

HGV / LGV Packages

We provide HGV / LGV training packages to take all the stress out of gaining your HGV / LGV licence. We will send you all the forms you need, book your medical, book all your theory tests, and give you access to our theory training portal. Book and manage all your practical training and tests, so you only need to concentrate on passing your test.

Our HGV / LGV Training Courses

LGV C1 Ambulance

LGV Driver Training

LGV C1 is licence required be able to drive a vehicle over 3500kg to 7500kg, Most emergency ambulances and small horse lorries come into this category.

We use VW Crafters for our training vehicles, which are a similar size to the ambulances.

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HGV Lessons

LGV C1+E category is to be able to drive a vehicle of 3500kg to 7500kg and tow a trailer over 750kg,

Due to the recent changes in law you can now go from a car licence to C1+E without having to pass the C1 first.

We use VW Crafters and box trailers for training

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HGV Lessons

LGV C (HGV 2) category is to drive a rigid vehicles over 7500kg.

We have a selection of Volvo 18t and MAN 18t training vehicles. Our vehicles are all automatic.

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LGV C+E Training

LGV C+E (HGV 1) is to drive a rigid vehicle over 7500kg towing a trailer.

Our C+E training vehicles are Renault Premium automatics with industry standard box trailers. So you will be fully prepared for driving in the industry when you pass your test.

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PCV D1 Minibus

PCV D1 Minibus is to drive a vehicle between 9 - 16 passenger seats.

We also offer D1+E training to tow a trailer behind the minibus.

Our training minibus is a Ford Transit 430.

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B+E Car & Trailer

Car and Trailer Training

A B+E test is no longer needed to tow trailers. The B+E category is now added to your licence when you pass your car test.

We still provide car and trailer training to cover the duty of car. And also for people wishing to tow a trailer giving them professional tuition both on and off road.

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Driver CPC

Driver CPC Courses

The Driver CPC qualification entitles you to drive LGV or PCV vehicles for hire or reward.

We offer both Initial CPC (Module 2 and 4) and the 35 hour Periodic CPC.

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Caravan course

Caravan Course

New to caravanning or its been a while since you have towed. We provide a caravan course to suit.

We can cover all that is necessary to give you the knowledge and confidence to tow safely.

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All our vehicles have been updated since the filming of this video

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