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Car and Trailer (B+E)

We are the south`s leading provider for the car and trailer driver training. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the delivery of all types of trailer towing courses. We have trained hundreds of candidates for B+E test over the past 15+ years. We have two training centres, Southampton and Greenham where we carry out your training, both centres have a DVSA test centres near by.

Car and Trailer Training

The B+E course is no longer available due to the government licence changes in law.

From the 20 Sep 21 the DVSA stopped all B+E testing across the UK. The 15 Nov 21 was supposed to be the date of the change of the law to allow a category B driver to able able to gain the B+E category automatically. But we have been advised by the DVSA that this has not happened yet.

So the law still stands that to tow a trailer with a gross train weight over 3500kg you will need the B+E category on your licence. If you do not have this then, you can not tow unless you follow the provisional rules and are accompanied by some one that can supervise you.

We do however have trailer handling courses to provide the necessary training to be able to tow safely. These courses are aimed at the drivers that tow for a living  and ensure staff have the knowledge and ability to tow safely and ensuring competency. This course is certificated. 

Trailer Handling Courses

Follow the link for our trailer handing page.

B+E Refresher Course

You may already hold the B+E licence through acquired rights, or passed your test some time ago and just need that extra training to get comfortable in towing again. Then this course is for you. We can structure your course to your requirements.

Car and Trailer Training

Course: B+E refresher course

Location: Southampton and Newbury

Age: 17+

Course requirements: Hold a valid B+E provisional licence

Course length: dependent on your requirements. 

Prices: Call for details

All our vehicles have been updated since the filming of this video

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