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Caravan Courses in Hampshire and Berkshire

New to caravanning?

Never towed before?

Need help in reversing?

Caravanning on your own?

We have a course for you. 

We provide caravan courses for complete beginners or those wishing to update themselves or gain more knowledge in the towing of a caravan.

We also provide caravan reversing courses, for those that are comfortable in towing forward and hitching and pitching their caravan, but would like that bit of help getting to grips with the reversing. Do you dread reversing onto a pitch? or push it to where you want it? Then this course is for you.

Our director Steve is a seasoned caravanner himself, with a wealth of experience and knowledge gained over the years both in the UK and abroad. Steve has taught at venues like the NEC and ExCel, and has also instructed for the Caravan and Motorhome Club and Camping and Caravanning Club of which he was a principle instructor. 

Caravan Courses

Caravan Towing Course

Caravan courses

Our caravan towing courses are designed to be enjoyable, informative and relaxed, and to cover all aspects of caravanning. You might be completely new to caravanning or have upgraded to a much larger caravan or changed from a motorhome to a caravan, we will have a course to suit.

Our caravan courses are tailored and adapted to your individual requirements. 

We have a course outline for those that have not towed before, so you get a wide range of knowledge in the most important areas of towing, and we can adapt the course to the areas that you most need.

Caravan course content can cover:

  • Caravan and car weights
  • Matching the caravan to the car
  • Safe loading of a caravan
  • safe, hitching an un-hitching
  • Nose weights
  • Stabilisers and stability
  • Towing law
  •  Levelling the caravan
  • Pitching up
  • Reversing in a straight line 
  • Reversing around a corner
  • On the road driving

Our experienced instructors will pass on lots of useful tips and knowledge  to help you enjoy your caravan holiday.

Call us on 0345 260 2508 for more information and pricing.

Caravan Reversing course

Caravan Course

Our caravan reversing courses are designed to concentrate solely on the reversing aspect of towing.

Feeling anxious or stressed as you get closer to you caravan site? Dread  the usual arguments trying to reverse onto your pitch? Then read on, this course is for you.

It might be that you have never reversed a caravan before, or that you are a seasoned caravanner that has never got to grips with the reversing. Maybe you have a difficult driveway or storage area to reverse into. what ever the scenario, we can help with our caravan reversing courses.

We can help you reverse the caravan in a straight line so you will be more confident on your travels, knowing you will be able to reverse if you need to.

We can help you to reverse around a corner or into a  campsite pitch making you more confident if you take a wrong turn. We can simulate your driveway or other scenario with our traffic cones?

Call us on 0345 260 2508 for more information and pricing on our courses.

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